Here are just a few common questions we receive daily. If you have any other questions or queries please don't hesitate to call us on 07751 257 408
Q1. Ive put the wrong fuel in my car/van what should i do now?
If you have put the wrong fuel in your car, it's important not to start the engine or even turn the key in the ignition, phone us and we will give you further advice.
Q2. I've got a membership with a breakdown service, can I call them out to resolve my problem?
Unfortunately mis-fuelling is not covered under normal breakdown cover. Breakdown services don't always deal with cars with the wrong fuel and you are likely to be towed to a garage for them to drain the tank. Here at wrong fuel recovery we will come to you and drain on site, no matter where you are.
Q3. My breakdown membership said they will come and drain my car's tank, why should I choose you?
Putting the wrong fuel in your car is not usually offered as part of a breakdown membership and is a separate service. The breakdown company is likely to charge you around double, if not more than what we charge to do the same job - regardless of you being a member. We are always the cheaper option.
Q4. I've put the wrong fuel in my car/van but I didn't realise until it stopped a few miles down the road. What do i do now?
If you have started a car with the wrong fuel and it has turned itself off due to mis-fuelling, we can still help. Turn the car off immediately and refrain from putting the key in the ignition. Call us as soon as and our engineers will drain, flush and re-fill your car with the correct fuel to get you started again.
Q5. I have been told that putting in a few litres of the wrong fuel in my car will not damage it and I can just fill it up with the correct fuel and continue my journey?
This all depends on the size of your tank and the vehicle that's been mis-fuelled, we recommend anything over 5% of the car's full tank capacity will need to be drained to prevent damage. Newer model cars are less tolerable to the wrong fuel being placed inside.
Q6. Ive just put the wrong fuel in my car and I'm in a rush, what should i do?
Firstly it is important to remain calm in these situations, damage to the car can amount to a lot of money if the car is driven on the wrong fuel. Our engineers are recorded to arrive on site with the customer within 30 mins and our fuel drains take on average 20 mins to complete. This means that after you have called us, we can have your car up and running, helping you to be on your way in under 1 hour.
Q7. Ive put petrol in my diesel car, I've been told that the petrol will sit on top of the diesel and I can just keep filling it up every few miles?
Sadly the petrol sitting on top of diesel theory, is a myth. They actually mix directly as contact is made, creating a volatile mixture that can destroy your injectors and fuel pump costing thousands to correct.
Q8. I've put the wrong fuel in my car, what sort of damage can be done?
This depends if you have put petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car. Either way your looking at thousands of pounds to correct the damage if you don't get the wrong fuel drained, under no circumstances should the car be driven. Call us for immediate assistance.
Q9. My car is still under warranty, can I call my manufacturer to fix the problem?
Manufacturers will tow your car to their workshop to complete the drain which is very time consuming. Not only that, but mis-fuelling will often void your warranty and you will have to pay for the whole fuel system to be replaced to keep your warranty in tact.
Q10. I think I have put the wrong fuel in my car but I cant be sure, what should I do?
Give us a call as soon as possible and one of our advisers will help you figure out if you have put the wrong fuel in your car.
Q 11. I've put the wrong fuel in my car and have driven it to home/work. I'm in no rush to be anywhere, do I have a better option?
If your in no rush to have the car drained of the wrong fuel, we can schedule you in for a set time convenient for you. However we do recommend that the vehicle is drained and flushed as soon as possible to prevent damage.
Q 12. Its 2am and ive put the wrong fuel in my car, what do i do?
Here at Wrong Fuel Recovery we offer a 24hr, 7 days a week service. So no matter where or when you mis-fuel, we will always be able to help.
Q 13. How do I know if I have caused damage?
If you are still at the service station where the mistake was made then it is unlikely that any damage will have taken place as long as the engine hasn't been started. We can drain and flush the system to get you on your way again. If the car has been driven, there could already be damage caused. In this case please call us for more information. However we have successfully drained and started over 99% off all vehicles driven on the wrong fuel - so chances are, we will get you going again.
Q. 14 I've put the wrong fuel in my car and i'm in London?
If you have put the wrong fuel in your car in or around London our wrong fuel engineers have a average response time of 35 minutes. We can have your vehicle back on the road in less than a hour anywhere in London.